Robert with Polly,
his constant companion



Linda and Jazz

• 400 pages
• Over 200 photographs of the Top UK Boxers
• Mostly in full colour
• Plus their 5 generation easy-to-read pedigrees
• Top UK Sires and Dams
• Show Results 1991—2007



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The U.K. Boxer Record Book 1991-2007

Linda Carnaby &
Robert McDougal

Sold worldwide

Linda and Robert compiled the last Record Book when they were members of the BBC Committee. That was 17 years ago and they have now teamed up again to produce this new volume of Boxer Records featuring a gallery of every UK Boxer Champion made up between 1991 and 2007, along with their five-generation pedigrees and breeder/owner details. There are also updated lists of Sires and Dams, UK Championship Show results, and other interesting information and statistics. 

Team Record Book

Robert McDougal, Linda Carnaby and Val Jordan were delighted to be acknowledged by the Scottish Boxer Club for producing the Record Book